Well, I'm back at writing. It's been awhile.  My IG has been current and I am posting there daily. Check it out if you can. Things are slowing down here. My daughter was married a few months ago and the planning and all that encompasses was so exciting and fun. I will post about all the details in weeks to come. My second oldest graduated from college last spring and was on a mission to find a job. He has settled into an interesting position with a consulting firm that does project management for homes and businesses in the jersey shore-tri state area. I will post about some of the beautiful rooms and properties. Finally, my youngest, is a senior in High School and we have been on a roller coaster ride of applications, college visits, football visits, and acceptances.
Warmer weather is finally here. Lots of projects for entertaining and fun outdoors.  All coming up here soon. So EXCITED to be able to be here at my blog again.
Please follow my IG to see when new posts are available.

Such inspiration can be found in this bedroom by Twentytwofiftyinteriors
Talk Soon