Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last week on my Instagram account I posted a great Hostess gift idea. Wanted to add a few more ideas. This is the time of year we start opening our home to watch Football games, Holidays, and just to gather family and friends for a great meal.

Here are a few ideas for you hostess, that canbe easily put to good use and they don't give your hostess extra work.

First, I love the idea of pretty hand soap. Your hostess can use right away in the bathroom, or save for a special addition to the powder room at a later time.

This one is from Bath and Body Works. 

Next, who doesn't enjoy, Chocolate! A box of Godiva never disappoints.

Candles are my all time favorite to give and receive, hint, hint.
This one is from Le Labo

Cocktail napkins are such a thoughtful and useful gift. So many styles and colors to pick from. These are from Kate Spade. I found them at

Decorating Tailgates and my family Pizza receipe

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The next few months are ALL about Football. Seriously, my two boys play, and if we aren't attending a game, we are watching a college or NFL game on TV.
Last week I instagramed a photo of my mantle, complete with both my boys teams represented.
These banners are readily available at all the craft stores and Target too. Just be creative with how you incorporate the team colors.

An easy idea for a snack for tailgating is any treat like, candy, popcorn, pretzels and decorate these little brown paper bags with stickers and Team name. I found these at HobbyLobby.

These mason jars are great for drinks at your tailgate. The lids are good to prevent spills and bugs. The colored straws can coordinate with your team colors. You can even add white tape to mimic the laces on the football.

Here are a few great examples to check out

This one courtesy of piggyback

This is courtesy of creative

Finally, the FOOD. I'm sharing with you my family's homemade pizza receipe. It is great for a tailgate because it can be made the day before, easily transported, and SO TASTY!
Purchase the fresh dough from a pizzeria or food store. I buy two at a time as two will fit on one baking sheet. Take them out of their baggies and sit them, separately in a bowl covered with a towel and let rise. 
Take a baking sheet  and spread with alittle cornmeal. Spread the dough, after it rises, square n thick. Two will fit on one large pan. Cover and let rise some more. For the sauce I use whole tomatoes in a large can. Break them up with your hand. Then in a pan sauté some garlic,onion,parsley,oregano and a few fennel seeds. Add the tomatoes, bay leaf, salt n pepper. Add some grated cheese. Bring to a boil then simmer on lowest setting. You want it thick, so do not cover it. 
Back to the dough, make little indents in the dough with your finger, as it will help the sauce grab onto the dough. After sauce as simmered for at least an hour, spread on the dough ,and spread grated cheese over it as well. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then follow dough directions on the package for temperature. When it looks like it is almost done, move to the top rack in the oven for a few minutes, you want the sauce to be dry. Let cool and cut with a scissor or a pie cutter. Enjoy! It transports easily in a container to your tailgate. 


Thursday, September 10, 2015

I am offering something new for the upcoming months when we all start to think about little projects we want to tackle before we start entertaining and enjoying our homes for the upcoming holidays and dare I say, colder months ahead. I know that I nest big time during the upcoming months.
So I am offering this:
To help with ESSENTIALS such as, but not limited to:

Dressing a bed: blanket, duvet or spread, pillows, throw, skirt, sheets

Setting a table: dinner, lunch, holiday

Change out decorative pillows and throw: change colors or style

Here is a pretty table set for a lunch, it has a early September feel. Love the colors in the table cloth. I used celery green napkins but you have other options to pull from the fabric. Stacking the plates gives height to the view, but it gives guests an idea that there are courses to look foward to during the meal.  I combined items I had at home already, with some new items.

Here is the same table but with a more Fall feel to it with velvet fabric pumpkins and leaf accent plates. I can customize the table to whatever your vision is. 

It is $50.00 for an Essentials project
Included is:
-e-consult or home visit if you are local. We will discuss budget, vision, etc.
- you will receive a plan and 1 revision
- source where to purchase, add items you already own

If you are local and want me to shop for items, additional charge will be added

Taking Appointments now. Email is