The Dog House, not really

Monday, July 27, 2015

So my husband and boys have been working on a project that I wanted to share with all of you.
There are many posts out there about taking a shed and using it for more than just storage. We have a shed that my husband divided in half and finished off part of it as an outdoor hang out room.
So this is the shed. We purchased it from Kempton Sheds.Thsnk you Bill Smith. 

They added flooring and stained it. 

Some knotty paneling for the walls.

A place to store the surfboard and it adds alittle character to the room.

We had a hard time finding furniture because it is a small space, so my husband and my boys MADE the furniture. 5 chairs and a coffee table. 

I found cushions that fit, which was difficult as the chairs were larger than most standard seats. I added a few pillows and a throw. There is a TV on the opposite wall of the seating and it is on a swing out arm so you can face the TV outside if we are having a fire. The chairs can easily move to the grass area if we need extra seating. We need a few more items for the walls but I think it turned out awesome.Family effort. 

Getting ready for college..part 1 ..Decorate that Dorm Room

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our precious children leaving the nest to venture onto college campuses across the country. What an exciting time for them. I have sent two of my three children to college so fat, and I have learned a few  things along the way to make their home away from home as cozy and functional as possible. Thought I would share some of my favorite finds with you.
The bedding is very important. They will spend a lot of down time sitting on their beds or snuggled under the sheets. There needs to be a durable comforter or duvet cover to withstand the constant flopping on it.
 I highly recommend PBTeenbedding. I have purchased it for both children and the comforter and
duvet held up for all four years. They are running a big sale this week. The sheets are the best also

They are soft and durable.

These are 3x5 flags from Amazon. The flags, in whatever style you like, are a great way to cover a window with just a few tacks. Also they cover a lot of barren wall space easily. They are light and easy to hang on a cement wall with double face tape.

The beds in the dorms are not the most comfortable. I highly recommend using a topper. Bed bath and Beyond. They offer the variety and range in prices to give you many options. 

Organization is key with these small dorm quarters. This modular cubby system is from Target the canvas boxes cone in a varity of colors for both guys and girls. Different shaped boxes for different storage needs. Comes in a few stains depending on your taste. Holds up well.

If there is a closet, taking the doors off temporarily helps to gain access to the clothing. Adding organization inside the closet helps a lot. 

This bed received a fabric headboard and some personal details. Lots of pillows on the bed help to add comfort. Love the body pillow. Target has the, and also has covers in different fabrics. Enjoy decorating your dorm room with your student. With alittle thought it will be comfy and cozy and functional. know you have them

Monday, July 13, 2015

For those of you that know me well, I am not the best organizer. In fact, I really, really stink at it. BUT, I have found the Trays are a great way to make things look organized. Bringing items together and setting them in a pretty tray or basket gives the eye one place to go to and there is a sense of organization.
Acrylic trays are so versatile. These are from West Elm

These lucite colored trays
are great for a little pop of color. Also from West Elm.

This is a monogrammed tray we received as a gift. Add s few items and you have a great little centerpiece for a table. You can shop your rooms for items to corral on the tray.

This is courtesy of Better homes and gardens. Helps to organize all your cooking needs in one spot.

Love little make shift bars with the help of a pretty tray.

Collected treasures from the beach, all in one pretty rattan tray

Coffee anyone?

So functional and fabulous in a bathroom. Pull out those trays you keep stored away and enjoy them 

This courtesy of 
Hurry! Go find all your trays and put at least one of them to use today. Have fun creating!