The calm after the Christmas decorations are put away

Saturday, January 30, 2016

It has always been a long process to get my house back in shape after the holidays. I pretty much have decorations in every room in the house, even the boy cave in the basement. I love how it looks but it is a real pain to clean up. Anyway, after the holiday items are all put away, then I fight with myself as to what to put back where it was prior to Christmas, and what to rearrange or just buy something for a certain spot. That is where I am at right now. UGH!
Wanted to share with you two quick spots I brightened up with literally 12.00 worth of items from the floral shop at the supermarket.
Baby's breath, curly twigs, and pussy willows

Used a large glass vase for impact and to take up a big space, visually. You can insert decorative grape vine balls to help fill the vase. 

The baby's breath went in a round glass vase for  alittle color above the cabinet. Pair it with a tall candle holder. Still searching for a pretty white ginger jar. Then the painting will go on the wall.

Here is where the large vase wound up. Still trying to find something to go above the Jaxblvd sign. Was thinking a big wishbone but I haven't had luck finding one yet.

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