Dressing your Windows

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The holidays will soon be here and with that brings lots of entertaining family and friends. Everyone thinks to update a space or two in their homes. How about our windows? They are a big focal point in a room and pretty easy to update.
 This first window is an example of Puddled drapes, which are my favorite. The rod I hung as close to the ceiling as possible and the fabric lays in a puddle on the floor. Works best with softer fabrics. The width of the curtains should be 3 times the window for a fuller effect. Measure ceiling to floor with a metal tape measure,for accuracy. Add 8-10 inches to the height.

These have a pretty wood rod with rings to match

These are puddled as well, with an embellishment.

These are hung close to the ceiling and touch the floor. For this look, measure 1 inch above the floor to height above the window frame where rod will go. Can be 6 inches above the frame or to the ceiling if you like.
The higher you hang the rod, the fuller the curtains should be. Width would be 1 1/2 to 3 times wider than the window
There are so many options at many different price points. You can have a more casual look with the metal grommets or a more formal look with wooden rings and a matching rod. I also like the tabs that are placed in the back of the rod, so you see pleating but it is a good I between casual and formal style.
                 Have fun Dressing your windows. Email me if you have any questions.