Emily Wallach

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A few weeks ago my friend, Lori, invited me to the Stately Homes by the Sea tour, and we had plans to attend today. As many of you heard the news, there was a terrible fire at the Blithewald home, while the designers were putting the final touches on their rooms. What a tragedy but at least no one was injured, thank God.
I was really excited to see the works of different designers from our area. I do have a listing of the participating designers and I would like to showcase them on my blog, to let you see their talent at work and be inspired for your own projects.
Today I would like to talk about Emily Wallach, who is from north Jersey. She is quoted as saying every room should tell a story, and I agree. It shouldn't just be a beautiful space, it should reflect you and your family in some way. Doesn't matter if it is a small space or a grand room. Her career began in fashion, and her interior design reflects that education and experience. You know I always say that fashion and home interiors are directly linked together. Here are a few great rooms she has designed.
Can't you see youself getting a lot of work done behind that desk?

different views of the master bedroom

Love the painted ceiling in bright pink. I think I have come across the photograph before and loved the room

Great little space, love the stripes

Inviting entryway
I really love all these spaces. You can check more of her work at www.emilywallach.com

Page Turner

Thursday, April 23, 2015

So I was the bookstore last week, searching for great design books. I used to buy decorating magazines by the piles, but since there is so much available online, I don't have to anymore. I had a difficult time deciding what to purchase, as some have beautiful photography and some offer the information you want to keep in print for reference. I wanted to share two books that I think offer both, pretty eye candy, and useful information.
 This book is written by a designer, Erin Gates, who also writes an awesome blog, Elements of style, which you should check out as well. The book is divided into sections of specific rooms and gets into details of it's function, windows, flooring, etc. Erin also delves into breaking down various styles, shows examples of each in furniture, lighting, etc. Many of us aren't really sure what our style is, but this will help.
The author of this book, Sarah Richardson, has her own shows on HGTV. She also breaks down her book into specific rooms and what to think about when redecorating or styling a room. There are great photographs in the book to enjoy and use for inspiration for your own home. A few weeks ago I posted about an office that Sarah designed, and it is in the book as well. Her website is www.sarahrichardsondesign.com
These are great reference books as well as coffee table books. I would love to hear about any good ones you have read. 

Monograms gone wild

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hi everyone. Still tweeking my new blog site, I apologize for it taking so long. it will be completed soon.
In the meantime, let's talk Monograms.
I have shared with you in the past my love for Emily McCarthy and her monogram kingdom of fabulous products. I stumbled upon her blog and Instagram recently, and I wanted to share some eye candy photos with you.
Very soon, like within the week, she will be selling these outdoor, monogrammed pillows. 185.00. Her shop is located at Emily McCarthy

These napkins are a special addition to any home. 

 are very popular in the wedding world. Love the subtle gold touches on this tiered  cake

If you are looking to style and stock your bar, or bar cart, there are so many monogrammed items to pick from for your perfect collection. Check it out. I love it all. 

Porch Swings

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Feeling alittle bit like springtime here in New Jersey. I'm starting to think about styling the outdoor spaces. Love our porch. Got me to think about porch swings.

Porches are so Americana. The heyday of porches was from the early 1880's til the mid 1920's. It was a place to be outside but it was still considered "your home".
Porch swings became popular as people spent more time on the porch and wanted to decorate the space and have it be functional as well. Porch swings were popular for rocking your baby to sleep and for a "proper" date.
Every summer my daughter asks for a porch swing but we haven't put one up yet. I found a few to take a look at. Let me know what you think.
Love the rope on this one. So pretty

This one has a mattress as a cushion. Great for sleepover guests

The colored fabric on this one is so pretty.

This one is from Ballard Design

Easter Inspiration

Friday, April 3, 2015

I love celebrating holidays. Enjoy cooking and love decorating.its fun to dig out cute things the kids made years ago and place the, somewhere for them to see.

Finished the Wall of Flowers. Alex helped with the positioning and hanging of the flowers. Great to have an engineer as a husband, haha.
I switched my dining room with my living room and I am still pulling the whole room together. Thought I would share parts as they are completed. The flower plates are from Arhaus