How to make the most of a small backyard

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My oldest son decided he wanted to build an outdoor bar at our home. He did all the preliminary work and then somehow my husband became a partner in the construction. I am including a few photos but it looks so much better when people are enjoying the space on a warm summer evening.
He decided to name it Gil's, thinking of a chubby middle aged balding man with a moustache and sitting on a raft. I think the thought process was that we are near the beach, fish have gills and so Gil can be a mascot of sorts.  Been searching for a company that will make cocktail napkins with the name and mascot. Lt. me know if anyone can do it for me.
If you look closely at the Bar top you will see coasters. My daughter made these out of tiles, beer labels, and epoxy for shine. They look great and there is such a variety.
I will post a picture on IG and source everything there. I still need to add accessories but I wanted to share pictures of what we have so far.
We had part of the backyard set with pavers and then lined the fence with trees.
Back up to last summer. My son in law was tired of me complaining about not having a table to eat outside. So, he made a picnic table for my husband for Father's Day. It is great. Seats 6-8.
He also made a giant Jenga game out of the leftover wood.
When you see the photos, you will notice the shed. My husband made a seating area and coffee table in that space. There is a TV in there for Met, Yankee, Giants and Steelers games. I found cushions and pillows to make the space alittle cozy.


Chicken Pocket recipe
I posted a picture of these on my Instastories yesterday
I also posted recipe on my Facebook page. It isn't a measured out recipe as I am an Italian girl. I have to give credit to a co worker, from way back when I worked for Bell Atlantic, how old am I?
Thank you Debbie Atwater. To make 12 pockets
1/2-1 thin chicken breast per pocket, as a guide
Olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoon cream cheese
Salt n pepper
Onion chopped
Bread crumbs, seasoned
3 rolls of pills bury cresent rolls, I tried other brands and they fall apart
Cube up the chicken
In a skillet add onion and olive oil n butter, then sauté chicken, add salt n pepper to taste
Meanwhile, open the crescent rolls and pinch two together at the perforations  to form a square.
Set the squares on a parchment lined cookie sheet
After the chicken is cooked thru, add the cream cheese and then breadcrumbs til consistency is moist, not liquidy and not dry. Then take a scoop of the mixture after it cools a bit, and place in center of the crescent square, pull up the sides and pinch to form a POCKET. You can brush with melted butter if you like. Set the oven to the crescent roll directions which is 375 degrees. Watch them as they brown quickly. Serve like that or with brown gravy if you like. Enjoy!

They are great for the kids to take with them and eat on the go if you are running around.

August you crept up on me.  Lots going on this month. Family bridal shower celebration. My youngest son starts college.  My daughter and her husband are moving into their first home.

Check my Facebook and IG for Nordstrom sale items I have seen that look good🌸
I also post on my Facebook page, recipes of pictures of meals on my Instastories.

I have always loved Candice Olsen. @CandiceOlsen. Great use of under the stairwell area.

Photo below is a great example of a simple set up for an entryway or hallway. Shop your home in other rooms for item you can use.  Placing items in a new spot gives it a new life. It's fun.

Well, I'm back at writing. It's been awhile.  My IG has been current and I am posting there daily. Check it out if you can. Things are slowing down here. My daughter was married a few months ago and the planning and all that encompasses was so exciting and fun. I will post about all the details in weeks to come. My second oldest graduated from college last spring and was on a mission to find a job. He has settled into an interesting position with a consulting firm that does project management for homes and businesses in the jersey shore-tri state area. I will post about some of the beautiful rooms and properties. Finally, my youngest, is a senior in High School and we have been on a roller coaster ride of applications, college visits, football visits, and acceptances.
Warmer weather is finally here. Lots of projects for entertaining and fun outdoors.  All coming up here soon. So EXCITED to be able to be here at my blog again.
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Such inspiration can be found in this bedroom by Twentytwofiftyinteriors
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