Porch Swings

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Feeling alittle bit like springtime here in New Jersey. I'm starting to think about styling the outdoor spaces. Love our porch. Got me to think about porch swings.

Porches are so Americana. The heyday of porches was from the early 1880's til the mid 1920's. It was a place to be outside but it was still considered "your home".
Porch swings became popular as people spent more time on the porch and wanted to decorate the space and have it be functional as well. Porch swings were popular for rocking your baby to sleep and for a "proper" date.
Every summer my daughter asks for a porch swing but we haven't put one up yet. I found a few to take a look at. Let me know what you think.
Love the rope on this one. So pretty

This one has a mattress as a cushion. Great for sleepover guests

The colored fabric on this one is so pretty.

This one is from Ballard Design

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