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Thursday, April 23, 2015

So I was the bookstore last week, searching for great design books. I used to buy decorating magazines by the piles, but since there is so much available online, I don't have to anymore. I had a difficult time deciding what to purchase, as some have beautiful photography and some offer the information you want to keep in print for reference. I wanted to share two books that I think offer both, pretty eye candy, and useful information.
 This book is written by a designer, Erin Gates, who also writes an awesome blog, Elements of style, which you should check out as well. The book is divided into sections of specific rooms and gets into details of it's function, windows, flooring, etc. Erin also delves into breaking down various styles, shows examples of each in furniture, lighting, etc. Many of us aren't really sure what our style is, but this will help.
The author of this book, Sarah Richardson, has her own shows on HGTV. She also breaks down her book into specific rooms and what to think about when redecorating or styling a room. There are great photographs in the book to enjoy and use for inspiration for your own home. A few weeks ago I posted about an office that Sarah designed, and it is in the book as well. Her website is
These are great reference books as well as coffee table books. I would love to hear about any good ones you have read. 

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