Wednesday, January 23, 2013. Vignettes: Asymetrical/Symetrical

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let's talk VINGETTES
A vingette by definition is, creating little displays or arrangements on different surfaces around your home.
Now is a great time to do this because the holiday decorations are put away and there is a fresh, clean slate for you to start styling a small space in your home. You can go out and purchase all new items, but it is more fun to walk thru your home, and see what you aren't using in one room and put it to use somewhere else. Maybe you have a shelf in your pantry where you put away items you are sick of seeing, well now maybe you will want to use them in a vingette...

Here is an example of an asymmetrical display. This is when two sides of the presentation do not match, and are irregular. This is the type that I prefer, but there are also Symmetrical displays. This
was so easy to create. It is located on top of a wood cabinet. I found the glass container in a dining room, I added faux pears. The metal boat was on a coffee table, in another room, not really doing anything. Asymmetrical uses varying heights , texture and a pop of color. The tin on the wall is a metal, distressed item. The decorative balls add more texture with moss, grass, twine, and porcelain.

This is an example of Symmetrical, same items on either side, it is very appealing to the eye. It gives a different feel. Not as much texture. Clean to the eye. My mom decorates Symmetrical. How about you?

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