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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The days of Summer are behind us, I hate to think of it, but it's true. Time to start thinking about updating a room or a part of a room in time for the holidays. How about the kitchen? I'm thinking about Open Shelving.

These examples are easily hung shelves. Love the little pop of blue in the sea of white and glass.of course this forces you to be organized. You could even wallpaper the wall behind the shelves, depending on what's behind the shelving. Great way to update without a huge monetary investment. 

I don't know about your home, but Fall=Football around here. Rather than fight it, I haven given in and try to enjoy watching the endless stream of college and NFL games that are on our TV from Saturday morning til late Sunday night, each weekend. I have discovered that it is easier to handle with a cute little cozy corner that I can call my own domain. I sit there all comfy and it is the perfect spot to read, or catch up on my blog, while at least still being with the rest of my football loving family. 

Comfy, deep cushioned lounger with a nice blanket, that a special friend knit for me. Small iron and glass side table, with a light for reading, and space for a glass of wine or a cup of green tea. Relax.  When we have a room full of guests, it's a preferred spot to sit and chill. 
You can "buy" a look, but adding pieces such as this lounger, for example, creates a feeling in a room.

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