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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy New Year to everyone. I love the new year, January brings cozy nights at home, entertaining friends with good food and drinks, and time to think about projects you want to tackle in your home or just little changes that can be made now that the holiday decorations are packed away. My Christmas tree is still up, have to tackle that this week. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with family and friends. on to new business..If you are thinking about changing a room's color or maybe add color to a room with neutrals, why not look to Fashion and what colors we wear each and every day.
Look at your wardrobe, these are the colors you live with all the time. What colors make you feel
good? Is it Red, Blue, Pink? Incorporate it into a room. Could be a painted piece of furniture, an accent wall, or just a pillow or a throw. In a kitchen, colored glasses are big right now, or colored dishes, either for everyday use, or a few pieces on an open shelf or hutch. Doing this is a way to make your room look personal and ultimately feel good to you and your eye. Don't just try to copy a photo out of a catalog, this is good for ideas but not to copy the whole room. Look online or in clothing catalogs to see what colors are being paired together, they look great and can give great inspiration. Here are a few examples...

Here you see a gray colored paired with a soft melon and the necklace show a pop of alittle blue. I love the combination and is something you might not think of using in a room. Now check out the room with common elements.

Love the green and blue and it's not visible with this photo but the walls are a light gray color.
Notice how the blue is a simple pillow or even a blue book cover. Take off your book jackets and check out the hardcover color.

Here we have pink and brown and a hint of navy. Gives you a hint that you can add a dark contrast and it looks great.

Love the pale pink sofa and brown accent pillow. The antique gold is a great compliment to the white walls and if it was an outfit, it could be earrings or a pretty bracelet.

In this photo we have gray cotton/silk pants and shiny silver pumps and a shot of peacock blue. It's a great example of different textures being used. The pop of color can be so many different colors. The gray and silver are so neutral but they aren't boring because of the textures and the cool style.

House beautiful showcased this gorgeous bedroom. See the shades of gray and white and the different textures? There's a pop of blue in the side table lamp and in the picture near it. 
The possibilities are endless. Go to your closet and put together an outfit you love and then use it for inspiration for a room. When I help a client, one of the first questions I ask, what colors do you like? What colors do you have in your wardrobe? 
Get inspired it's the New Year!

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