Monday, March 04, 2013. Doors and Knockers, Knockers and Doors

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Love to see colored front doors. shows personality and sets you apart from your neighbors with just alittle can of paint...
What color to paint the door???
That's where most of us just end the thought of possibly painting the door a new color.I remember going on a college tour with my son to Muhlenberg College where many of the doors on the buildings on campus are painted a bright red color. It left an impression on me and was a bright spot on an otherwise dreary scene of brick and mortar.
A little history, Red doors are a sign of "welcome" in many countries. In Ireland it is said to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. In Chona it is a symbol of good luck for the New Year.

Blue doors are said to evoke a sense of calm and serenity

Black doors are a sign of Strength and Sophistication

Of course you have to consider the amount of sun exposure the door will get, as the color could fade. 

On to the jewelry for the door.. The knockers and the hardware. There is such a variety of items to choose from and they can be found online and in stores everywhere. Here is a cute crab knocker that is on our front door. It has a brass/ patina finish. I love it but there have been a few skeptics. At the very least, it starts a conversation as someone spots it.

Here is a pretty dragonfly from Restoration Hardware

Anthropologie has  some unique ones I thought were worth sharing.

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