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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Doings..
First of all, thank you for the positive comments some of you have been leaving, it is very encouraging and I appreciate it very much. Hope everyone had a fun SuperBowl. Wanted to share with you what my son and I created for our party. It's supposed to be a stadium made out of dips and chips n crackers.

Pinterest is a great site, not sure if you are familiar with it so I'll explain. It is a site that is free and anyone can join and you are able to make a virtual pin board and attach pictures to access whenever you want, or to share with others. I think it is a great tool for me to use for any online consultations that I am doing. You can pin items you love for certain projects and they can be viewed by anyone you wish. There is a privacy button so it can be seen by just who you decide.

Went to Staples and discovered these office items that are part of Martha Stewart's line. I am not an 
organized person but these labels and notebooks make me want to organize my whole kitchen. Look 
at the chalkboard labels

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