Thursday, June 13, 2013. Sofa Fillings, What do you Prefer?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Have you ever had a fabulous pair of shoes? At first, even if they aren't very comfortable you can be in love with how they look but after wearing them a few times, if they pinch and poke your feet, the beauty of them will fade. Well, a beautiful sofa is very similar to a pretty pair of shoes...If it's comfy, if it makes you feel good when you are relaxing on it, or sitting with a friend enjoying a glass of wine, then it is worth every penny, if not , then it doesn't deserve a place in your home.

The cushion filling is of upmost importance. Different fillings will be good for different people.

The highest quality filling is Down. Make sure if you use this there is a down proof ticking under the upholstery so feathers don't poke out.

Down, with other materials mixed in is a good quality to choose. Pads of Dacron polyester fiber and down are wrapped around high density foam.

Most common is high density polyurethane. Common sense, higher density=more firm.

Foam can be wrapped in softer material or cotton to bake it softer.
Dacron wrapped foam is the cheapest but doesn't last very long.
In the end, you have to choose what makes you feel comfortable.

While we are discussing sofas, how about slipcovers? I personally believe that the washable skip overs are the way to go. I have had a white sectional sofa for about five years, and my family is
constantly on this sofa. I wash and dry the covers about once a month and they continue to look great. Slipcovers can be changed fir the seasons, or in a few years when you tire of what you have.

IKEA has washable covers in a variety of colors. They also have chair slipcovers. I prefer white or cream and then add color with a throw or pillows.

Arhaus also has washable covers. 
Restoration Hardware is another store who carries washable covers. They have 72 fabrics, leather, different length and depths for the sofa construction. 
So many choices.

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