Tuesday, September 4, 2012 HOMEWORK:bathrooms

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Of course we always want our bathrooms to be clean as well as stylish and comfy but our powder rooms are a must to keep clean. They are the one spot our guests can sit and look around, take in the decor and decide if you are a good housekeeper. Let's talk cleaners..I love Mr. clean-Gain, Cinch, Lysol wipes and Method. What do you like to use in the bathroom?
Cinch is great because you can use it on the walls, floors, and mirrors.
Of course you want the hand towels and throw rug to be fabulous, but for today lets talk about the "scent" of the powder room. I must have a scented plug in . I like Bath and Bodyworks brand. What do you like? I love to burn a candle as well, just as long as little ones are going into the room alone. I love a few brands but one I especially like is bean pod. Harmony is a nice scent. What's your favorite candle brand?

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