Thursday, March 28, 2013 A Few Ideas for your Holiday Table

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Spring!! The weather here in New Jersey has not been spring like yet. I'm hoping it will be warmer soon. With Easter coming this weekend, I just wanted to do a quick post with a few ideas for you all who might be entertaining this Sunday.
I usually buy my candles at Bath and Body Works. Love the variety of scents , they burn nicely, smell up the whole house with one three wick candle..I discovered the other day that when the candle has burned out you can reuse the glass container for a variety of things. Just fill the glass with water and the wax will float and you can pop it out.. The labels come off easily and you have a glass vessel for whatever you want...

Here you can take strips of fabric and tie a knot and presto you have a pretty vase..three of them 
down the center of a table would be pretty. 

Another idea , tie burlap and ribbon around the pots of flowers and set in the middle of your holiday 

This was my crown roast dinner last year, if you look closely you can see that I took a burlap runner 
and slipped a ribbon down the center to add some color. There were string eggs strewn about the table and I added little bunnies here and there.

Here is a closer look at the string eggs.
It is quite easy to do and fun, I thought so anyway..
Blow up a small balloon and tie it off. Take thin colored cord or yarn and dip it in fabric glue, be careful not to knot the string. Wrap the string around the balloon in varying directions. Set it for a few hours to over night and when the string has become hard, pop the balloon and you have an egg. I scattered them all over the house, on my dinner table, in baskets, attached them to my burlap wreath. 

Love tulips, even if you only decorate with flowers your table will look amazing for Easter or Springtime.

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