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Thursday, March 5, 2015

All spaces, no matter the size, need to be functional before they can be styled. Been thinking a lot about dorm rooms as I have two children heading off to college this Fall. This picture is a college room in a rented house but it is very small. It was arranged with function in mind and it does a lot for it's small square footage. This photo on the bottom shows a cube organizer from Target, that can be customized with colored boxes for added storage to hold all sorts of goodies. It comes in other colors as well. To the left of the cube are cute flowered hooks to hold items that you might need to grab as you exit the room, Like a backpack, jacket, or purse.

Behind the bed is a fabric headboard that just leans against the wall, as you don't want to make too
many holes in the walls of a rental. The windows are dressed up alittle with fabric flowers that can be
removed easily from the wall. Comfort is key for the bed, especially for college students as they spend a lot of time sitting on their beds and you want them to get a good night's sleep. I recommend a comfy mattress topper and lots of pillows and soft blankets, they can throw over themselves as they study, we can only hope they study..the desk is right by the bed and serves as the night stand too.

The closet is small, it is organized and holds a lot of items. With the doors removed, it makes it easier to get items in and out and there are fabric flowers to decorate around the moulding. Every inch of vertical space is used and there is a step stool to reach the items up top. You should take inventory of the type of items you need to house in the closet and then find hanging organizers and bins to put everything in neatly. Bed bath and beyond as these metal tables fold for easy storage. My daughter had a lot of input on this room and is a pro at organization. I am not the best organizer. We were a great team on this project.

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