Thursday, February 6, 2014 Coffee Table Talk

Monday, March 2, 2015

This crazy winter weather is hitting all of us, in the North and in the South.. It gives you a lot of "inside the house" time and that means you can really think about little projects you want to tackle. So let me know what you might want to get some advice on or where to go to buy this or that. 
We have all been spending more time in front of the TV, with the Super Bowl, Olympics, and great movies to watch with the kiddies. Right in front of us is the Coffee Table.
How do you style it?
I think many times we just don't do anything with it because the family is always sitting around it and throwing stuff on it, right?

Well here are a few suggestions that may solve your coffee table styling issues..
Definitely have something to read on the table. An interesting book with pictures or magazines are easy to do. Sometimes I put things I want the kids to read on it so they will see it and pick it up.

This example shows how you can do a tray and a book and a plant and still have room on the side for drinks. A tray is great because it will add texture and also keep a few items contained for organization purposes.

It's a little hard to tell but in this picture there is a rattan tray, for texture, and there are a couple of candles. Candles are great for alittle "mood", even if you use a small votive.

This coffee table had a pretty piece of pottery, which might be a conversation piece and adds color. Flowers or some sort of natural element is a good idea too. Even a small game in a box, that you can just pick up and say hey, let's play..we have a game called Shut the Box, perfect for that. 
When I'm cooped up I COOK..

This is my Italian Chopped Salad,YUM!

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