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Monday, March 2, 2015

INSPIRATION-- it is defined as something, such as a creative idea or act, it is a stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

Inspiration is a wonderful thing, it sets our creative minds in motion.
With the warm Fall weather we have been having near the Jersey Shore, I have been so inspired to light pumpkin scented candles, my favorite being Pumpkin pecan Waffles, byBath and Bodyworks.
I've been baking cookies and apple pie, and watching my boys play football games, and decorating with yellow mums, and orange is everywhere for Halloween.

When I'm looking for new ideas for a room I pay attention to details in things all around me. Hotels are a great place to draw inspiration for styling ideas.
My husband works for a construction management company in Manhattan and they recently completed a huge renovation at the famous St Regis Hotel. 

The hotel was founded in 1904 by John Jacob Astor IV, and through all the eras that have passed, the hotel continues to keep up with current styles while maintaining the hotel's initial integrity and history. 
The designers kept in mind a more contemporary feel, as how people furnish their own homes for comfort. This is a full circle as I am telling you to use in your homes what you see in hotels for your inspiration. The use of eclectic colors and patterns and even the furniture in the suites and guest rooms all give a more residential feel to the guest's stay.
Notice in the picture, the carpet is a key link pattern. That could be used in a room where you don't want to experiment with a bold wall color, but you are willing to try the flooring.i like the tufted headboard and tufted stool at the end of the bed. Great for those whole like symmetry in a room. I will post more photos as I can get my hands on them. I did see a bathroom that was amazing. 
Guests come from around the world to stay here, some spend a single night, others will make reservations to stay on a whole floor of a penthouse suite for extended periods of time. 
Next time you are in a hotel or restaurant, really look around and take notice of the furnishings and lighting and you will be amazed at the ideas you can take away with you for your own home.

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