Thursday, September 12, 2013. Guest Room

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hi everyone: I have not been posting, been busy with back to school stuff and now it is time to get down to business.
Just wanted to do alittle follow up on a room I had shown you in the "behind the bed" post of a few weeks ago.
This is a guest room and we should really keep a guest room, inviting yet neutral. Decorate it so that either male or female feel comfortable in the room, and a different personalities will feel relaxed and restful in the room.
The room should be clear of clutter, make the guest feel like made the effort for their arrival. Many tines the guest room doubles as an office or a home gym, which is fine, but just be able to rearrange things so the person doesn't feel like he/she is sleeping in a gym or office.

The colors are light but not too feminine. I took items from other rooms, where they weren't being used, and put them to work here. The tray is an old southern living at home item that I spray painted. You could do chalkboard paint and leave a note for your guest. The throw adds color and texture and everyone likes a blanket to cuddle up to while reading or watching tv. 
Go thru your inventory in your linen closet. I bet you have treasures to bring back to life.

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