Thursday, July 18,2013. Benches and More...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

BENCHES..A piece of furniture designed for more than one person to sit upon...but, my has the BENCH grown in its uses...I found a few pretty ones I wanted to share with you..

These are small but add a big punch in this room. They anchor the chest and add add symmetry but also serve as extra seating in the room, gotta love the function in that. Pretty and serves a purpose.

This photo is courtesy of and it is a beautiful master bedroom with a pretty Scandanavian bench at the foot of the bed, it has a cushion for sitting on. I like benches at the foot of 
the bed if there's room for it.
These are so pretty and covered in a great patterned fabric. For a guest room it's nice to have at the foot of the bed so there is a place off of the floor to put their bags. Love the headboard in this photo

These are a unique idea instead of traditional stools at an island. What do you think?

How cute and colorful are these benches? You coud recreate this with colored tape. Child's playroom 
or bedroom would be a great place for one.

These could be duplicated with paint pens and good penmanship, or stenciled letters and numbers. On a deck or a porch?

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