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Monday, July 13, 2015

For those of you that know me well, I am not the best organizer. In fact, I really, really stink at it. BUT, I have found the Trays are a great way to make things look organized. Bringing items together and setting them in a pretty tray or basket gives the eye one place to go to and there is a sense of organization.
Acrylic trays are so versatile. These are from West Elm

These lucite colored trays
are great for a little pop of color. Also from West Elm.

This is a monogrammed tray we received as a gift. Add s few items and you have a great little centerpiece for a table. You can shop your rooms for items to corral on the tray.

This is courtesy of Better homes and gardens. Helps to organize all your cooking needs in one spot.

Love little make shift bars with the help of a pretty tray.

Collected treasures from the beach, all in one pretty rattan tray

Coffee anyone?

So functional and fabulous in a bathroom. Pull out those trays you keep stored away and enjoy them 

This courtesy of 
Hurry! Go find all your trays and put at least one of them to use today. Have fun creating!

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