Hounstooth is named for a Hound's tooth, Who knew?!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

My dog, Stella, was lounging on my houndstooth patterned pillow and I took a picture and thought it was clever as she is a Hound breed.  I then decided to do a post on Houndstooth and discovered the origin of the design.  Wanted to share with you.

The pattern originated in Scotland in the 1800's, as a woven wool fabric worn by Sheperds.

I don't usually like the pattern in any other color but black and cream or white, but this is fresh. It looks like a square that went off track. It was first called Sheperd's check or Dogtooth, and the smallest version was called Puppy tooth.  In the 30's it became a favorite pattern of Christian Dior. 

Here it is shown in a tile floor.

Accent chair

In caramel and black, cozy


Interesting focal piece for maybe an office or a bedroom
Love it paired with florals for a more feminine look.

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